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Before You Complete Your Request…

Every 247Billboard Consists of 2 Parts…Notification & Advertisement

A User can Select the Notification Which Then Takes Them to the Advertisement

An Advertisement can Be Direct or Indirect [See Examples Below]

The Notification

As you can see from the image above, the notification consists of a title, a description, an image and a link. When requesting a direct advertisement, your title, description and link will be taken from the web page itself. When requesting an indirect advertisement, you will be asked to provide the title, description and link for the advertisement.

Direct Advertisement

A Direct Advertisement Billboard is the easiest type of Billboard to set up.  Provide a link to a secure (https) website like Facebook, YouTube, or any website that starts with HTTPS . We will use your secure link to create a Billboard that will take your customers directly to the website. Don’t have a secure website? You can set up an Indirect Advertisement Billboard.

Indirect Advertisement

You can still advertise without a secure website by using an Indirect Advertisement Billboard. There are several types of Indirect ads: 
+ Link = Sends People to a Landing Page, Then Your Website
+ Phone Call = Allows People to Call You
+ Email = Allows People to Send You an Email
+ Text Message = Allows People to Text You

Whichever Advertising Option You Choose… We’ve Got You Covered!

Now it’s Time to Set Up Your Billboard!

Select one of the following options …

Set Up My (Direct) Advertisement Billboard Set Up My (Indirect) Advertisement Billboard