Guide to Proximity Marketing Technology

Proximity Marketing Devices, or Beacons, are low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that can be used to determine proximity between devices and deliver proximity-based messages to nearby devices to deliver the right message at the right place at the right time. In addition to standalone beacon devices, mobile phones, tablets and PCs with BLE support can function as beacon devices with the ability to both broadcast and receive beacon signals. Proximity marketing devices devices allow you to become a walking billboard everywhere you go!

24/7 Billboard® Device Options

Use Your Android Phone or 24/7 Billboard® Devices

Our Mobile App Allows You to Turn Your Android Phone into a Transmitter and/or Use Your Own Proximity Marketing Devices or Purchase 24/7 Billboard® Devices to Multiply Your Leads, Your Sales & Your Profits

Your Device Your Way with Multiple Marketing Device Options Use Multiple Devices in Multiple Areas to Advertise Multiple Businesses

Transmit from Phone to Phone

Download Our 24/7 Billboard® Mobile App to Instantly Start Blasting Your Ad to Every Android Smartphone within 100 Yards 24/7

Transmit from Device to Phone

24/7 Billboard Devices Allow You to Automatically Blast Your Ad to Android Smartphones within 100 Yards 24/7

Multiple Device Options

24/7 Billboard® Provides Multiple Device Accessories Including a Wristband, a Key FOB and a Wall Mount. 

Proximity Marketing Device Information

See Frequently Asked Questions for More Information

Android Phone as Proximity Marketing Device

The Proximity Marketing devices themselves do not send notifications to a user’s phone – the app does. With our downloadable 247 Billboard app, you can turn any Android phone into a powerful proximity marketing device to broadcast your ad/message. If you don’t have an Android phone, just purchase our proximity marketing service subscription and get your devices for FREE!

Proximity Device Broadcast Range

The closer you are to the device, the stronger the signal. The device is not broadcasting continuously – it is blinking in intervals of a few seconds. The more frequent the blinks, the more reliable the signal detection. The typical range of Bluetooth low-energy [BLE] radio modules is up to 100 Yards or about 300 feet depending upon the environment and interference.

Technical Knowledge

Using 24/7 Billboard Proximity Marketing Devices requires no technical knowledge or programming. They are ready-to-go right out of the package. If you have any questions, we provide an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section on our website. However, if your questions or concerns are not addressed there, or you need assistance, you can contact us.

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology [BLE]

Proximity Marketing Devices are equipped with BLE technology. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, which is also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth is a power-friendly wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances using short-wavelength UHF radio waves. BLE advertising is a one-way broadcasting communication method.

Privacy Issues

For those who are concerned about privacy, Proximity Marketing Devices use Google’s Nearby technology to send a notification, not an SMS message or text message, so there are no privacy issues to be concerned about. It may also help to know that Proximity Marketing devices themselves do not send notifications to a user’s phone – the app sends the notifications.

Battery Life

Bluetooth Low Energy [BLE] technology used for Proximity Marketing requires very little power, so the small 2032 batteries last approximately 2 years. Extreme temperatures and elements can also affect battery life, so avoid exposure if possible. However, the batteries used in the devices are very inexpensive and easily changed, so battery life should not be a concern.

Power Options

Proximity Marketing Devices can be turned on and off for your convenience. This is important since there will be times when you do not wish to broadcast. To turn the device ON and OFF, just click on the top of the device and hold it down until you see a light appear. When the device is ON, it will show a GREEN light and when it is OFF, it will show a RED light.

Proximity Marketing Device Accessories

The Proximity Marketing devices can be carried with you in a pocket, purse or briefcase or it can be mounted in a prime location. We provide accessories for Proximity Marketing Devices including a Key FOB to add the device to your key ring, a Wristband to wear the device on your wrist or a wall mount to attach it to a wall or object in a high-traffic area.

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